NICHOLAS PARSONS: Welcome to Just A Minute!


NP: Hello, my name is Nicholas Parsons. And once more it is my pleasure to introduce the four bright and brilliant and provocative competitors who are going to play Just A Minute this week. We have two of our regular players, Kenneth Williams and Derek Nimmo. And we welcome back two guests who have been with us and played the game with much success in the past, Sheila Hancock, who actually hasn't been with us for quite a while, but she's come back for this series I'm pleased to say, and Tim Rice. Will you please welcome all four of them! Well Ian Messiter who thought of the game, sits beside me, he keeps the score, and he also blows the whistle which tells us when the 60th second is up. And as usual I will ask our four competitors to speak if they can on the subject I give them, and they will try and do that without hesitation, repetition or deviation. And we'll begin the show this week with Derek Nimmo. Derek, the subject that Ian's thought of is ballooning. Will you tell us something about that in Just A Minute starting now.

DEREK NIMMO: Ballooning, well, the last time I went up in a balloon, funnily enough, was on the island of Corfu. And they had there this hot air balloon. I climbed into the basket, and ascended up into heaven by virtue of the fact it was blowing this warm stuff up through a kind of rather large bunsen burner it looked like to me. And up I ascended, and the funny thing was we then started to drift towards Albania. Now I was absolutely petrified because one could so easily have been shot down and I was fearfully worried. Anywhere I said to the chap, I said "please put me down on terra firma once again..."


NP: Tim Rice has challenged you.

TIM RICE: I think, I mean there were many faults frankly, but ah I think...

NP: Oh come on Tim!

TR: But it was the repetition of I said that really got me.

NP: So you get a point for a correct challenge, you get a, and you take over the subject of ballooning and there are 28 seconds left starting now.

TR: Coincidentally I also ballooned from Corfu over the Adriatic towards the country known as Albania, which I'm allowed to say, because I haven't said it before, haha!


NP: And Kenneth Williams has challenged.

KENNETH WILLIAMS: Well I think deviation because...

NP: Yes!

KW: ... we're not concerned with, we're concerned with ballooning, not with whether he deviated or not.

DN: And he went haha, clever Dick, didn't you?

SHEILA HANCOCK: Haha, repeat!

NP: And yes but Kenneth got in first...

KW: Thank you very much! You're a very good chairman, you see!

NP: Also the deviation also was a correct challenge. So Kenneth you get a point for a correct challenge and you take the subject of ballooning and there are 17 seconds left starting now.

KW: The only occasion this occurred to me was with one of those things that was sent up in the war to carry a net to stop them getting in to bomb us, you know, and...


NP: Sheila Hancock challenged.

SH: Is he talking about barrage balloons? They didn't carry a net!

KW: I wasn't! That's why I said another. That's why I didn't mention barrage balloons.

SH: Oh.

NP: Oh, which ones were they then?

KW: They were specially put round aerodromes to stop fighters getting near to the perimeter.

DN: Which war was this, Ken?

NP: Yes! I still think he's devious, I really don't believe it. Anyway...

KW: (shouting) You're not there to discuss whether it's devious or not! You're supposed to stick to the rules of the game, not give your verdict on everything! Who do you think you are, sitting up there! Great nana, isn't he!

NP: Kenneth I have to try and be fair and see justice done which is a very...

KW: Try and be fair! Yeah you've been trying to be fair for ages! You've dyed your hair in the process! You can see it! Trying to be fair!


NP: I don't know why you're clapping because it's completely untrue!

KW: Picking on me like that! That was perfectly horrible!

NP: I...

KW: I'm a stalwart! I've come all the way from Great Portland Street! And what am I treated, like a load of rubbish!

NP: A minute ago, I was the most marvellous chairman!

DN: Yes, but Kenneth's a cult, aren't you Ken?

KW: I was a cult! I'm a cult figure! I'm an enormous cult! I'm one of the biggest cults round here, I tell you! Disgraceful how I'm treated! Disgraceful!

NP: And of course...

KW: Am I to keep this subject?

NP: Yes because you're such a cult figure.

KW: How many seconds have I got?

NP: Five.

KW: Right.

NP: Ballooning starting now.

KW: Up goes the balloon they cry, in moments of panic, meaning of course that the button is pressed...


SH: They took up a net!

NP: And of course whoever is speaking when the whistle is blown gets an extra point, and it was Kenneth Williams and that was a popular reception and there is no doubt he is in the lead at the end of that round. Because very few people have got any points in the round. Sheila Hancock will you take the next round which is hedonism and will you tell us something...

SH: Eh?

NP: Do your best Sheila, they'll all have the same difficulty as you, and there's 60 seconds as usual starting now.

SH: Well I believe this is something to do with seeking pleasure. And I'm sure it originated with those dirty Greeks. They decided aesthetically that anything you enjoyed was good. So therefore I suspect that sausages are hedonistic, or baked beans, or being on Just A Minute with Kenneth Williams who is a cult. And indeed for the people for whom he is that thing, it probably is hedonistic to have this feeling towards the said gentleman. However I am not sure that this is something that should be encouraged. Because you should have... bad times...


DN: Hesitation and she was doing jolly well too.

NP: She was doing jolly well on a subject that she didn't want. In fact she was so surprised she asked me if I'd got it right. There are 18 seconds left for you Derek to tell us something about hedonism starting now.

DN: I live a totally hedonistic life, I'm happy to say. Every morning I rush out and grab the first bottle of champagne...


DN: What's the matter?

NP: Kenneth Williams has challenged.

KW: Deviation, he is not a hedonist. In fact I know he is an altruist and he has done many many good things for society.

DN: That's true actually, yes I'm sorry. Quite right Ken! Ken deserves a point!

SH: Let him have the subject!

KW: So therefore he was deviating from the subject...

NP: He could also be hedonistic as well.

KW: No he admitted I was right!

NP: So if he admits it, then I automatically have to give it back to you even though I...

SH: You're redundant Nick! You're redundant! We've made the decision.

KW: He's redundant, isn't he! Why don't they pay him off, give him some money? They could give him a few bob.

NP: Because if I wasn't here to be a butt for a lot of your humour, you wouldn't have the show you do have!

KW: Yeah right right.

DN: It's too late to give him early retirement, isn't it really!

NP: I don't know you laugh...

DN: It's straight into the van and on the way to the twilight home, I think!

NP: It's not really, because this image I have and all those people in far-off countries who hear our show have never even seen me! They think I'm a doddery old fool who comes on in a wheelchair!

KW: They all know, they all know...

SH: With dyed blonde hair!

DN: Yeah!

KW: ... you sit there with dyed hair! (laughs)

NP: Kenneth, having given this entirely erroneous picture of me between you and Derek Nimmo, we will now try and continue with Just A Minute. And you have 11 seconds on hedonism starting now.

KW: Hedonism means of course that a person who is so devoted to gratification of self that it outweighs all other considerations. So that in the end you have an almost decadent personality. Often this means...


NP: Derek Nimmo challenged.

DN: Well that's what I was talking about, I'm a decadent personality so why was I challenged before?

KW: Oh I beg your pardon, I withdraw.

NP: So what is your challenge now?

DN: Deviation.

NP: Why?

DN: Well because he's given a different definition to the one that he's given before, I am a very decadent person. He said that I wasn't, I am.

NP: Last time you generously gave it to Kenneth and said no he was right. So Kenneth should be generous on this occasion and give it to you. And you've got in with one second to go on hedonism starting now.

DN: I drink a bottle of whisky every morning...


NP: And at the end of that round Kenneth is still in the lead and Derek Nimmo is following and then comes Tim Rice and Sheila Hancock. And Kenneth will you take the next round which is carrying on. Sixty seconds will do starting now.

KW: I first did a Carry On in 1958. I never dreamed at the time they were going to do so many. It was called Carry On Sergeant and was about people joining the Army. In Carry On Matron, I had to go into a doorway with Hattie Jacques and the director said grab her round her middle, and with your legs, keep the door firm. I said well alas, they are not what they were. He said no, in fact they never were much anyway. And she said don't knock 'em Gerald, because they're quite nice legs. As of course...


NP: Derek Nimmo challenged.

DN: Repetition of legs.

NP: Your legs came in a bit too much there, I'm afraid Kenneth. Right so Derek has the correct challenge and the subject and a point of course and eight seconds are left for carrying on Derek starting now.

DN: Well being a hedonist, one of the things about carrying on is that you can do it so disgracefully. I remember one morning sitting on...


NP: Well Derek Nimmo speaking as the whistle went gained that extra point and he's now equal in the lead with Kenneth Williams. And Tim Rice will you take the next round, the subject, half-wits. Talk on that subject, 60 seconds as usual starting now.

TR: It is quite incredible how many half-wits one comes across in life's tricky path. It is quite staggering that man after woman after child appears to be slightly more dense than you expect them to. There are people who I would not cross the road to give the time of day to, to coin three of four cliches in one appalling phrase. Who turn out when one has traversed that route to be as thick as two short planks. Frankly I am fed up to the back teeth, to my very incisors with half-wits. And even people not as intelligent as half-wits, people who are quarter-wits, eighth-wits, sixteenth-wits, thirty-second-wits, sixty-fourth-wits. I wonder sometimes how much longer one has...


NP: Kenneth Williams has challenged.

KW: Well I did it to save him. He was asking for a challenge you see.

TR: Not at all, I was just getting to the thrust, the main point of my argument.

NP: He certainly was, he couldn't have gone on dividing much more, could he.

KW: Well no, and he had repeated himself on more than one many occasion.

TR: Yes I admit that.

NP: So give me one of the repeats he did.

SH: Quite.

KW: Quite.

NP: I know, I knew it, all right, I just wanted to make sure, I have to be fair...

TR: They were very kind to me, very kind.

NP: So Kenneth you have a correct challenge, another point, 12 seconds are left on half-wits starting now.

KW: Half-wits of course, what many people don't realise you see is that they did have all of them once but half were taken away. And consequently they have now become half-wits, but we must all feel the greatest...


NP: Well Kenneth Williams, who sometimes struggles with the points, is getting most of the points in this particular show. Another one for speaking as the whistle went and he is now in a commanding lead. And Derek Nimmo will you take the next round, from half-wits we move to wits. Will you tell us something on that subject in Just A Minute starting now.

DN: Yes I think one of the wittiest people, probably one of the first recorded in history, was a chap who I will have to call because of the game...


NP: Ah Sheila Hancock challenged.

SH: I think he said one twice then, didn't he? He said one of the wittiest people, one of the people I recall.

NP: Yes.

SH: We’ll have to wait till it's played on the air but I did suspect...

NP: Well the thing is Sheila, we am inclined to sort of be a little bit generous and let them get under way...

SH: I'm not!

NP: Oh well, all right, so if you play that way, I still have to be accurate according to the rules of the game and say yes, you have a correct challenge and 54 seconds are left for wits with you starting now.

SH: Oh I didn't think I was going to get it!


SH: I wasn't ready then!

DN: Hesitation!

SH: Yes!

DN: Hesitation!

SH: Absolutely right!

NP: Derek's got it back, 53 seconds on wits Derek starting now.

DN: Two books he read with great affection, the Gospels and a joke collection...


NP: Tim Rice has challenged.

TR: The Gospels are four books on their own! So it can't just be two.

DN: No they're all bound together! The one you filched Joseph And His Technicolor Dreamcoat from, the Old Testament, that's all bound together with the Gospels.

NP: No no, we must be accurate here, the Gospels are four books, they're called the such. So Derek, I think Tim has a correct challenge there...

DN: It's a well-known poem!

NP: You have 47 seconds on wits starting now.

TR: I had an aupair boy called Wits who came from Holland. He was a delightful chap, a charming fellow. Unfortunately his grasp of the English language was not that magnificent because he filed all my letters under D. When I asked him why he had done this foolish thing, he replied that D for Dear Sir was...


NP: Derek Nimmo challenged.

DN: Two Ds.

NP: Yes there were two Ds there. So Derek you got the subject back of wits and there are 27 seconds for you starting now.

DN: I'm terribly sorry that I can't tell you about Philip Merry because he was the wittiest man alive. He was proclaimed a saint by holy wit. And I've managed to finish it after all this but it's taken a very long time! Now today I would say that the wittiest man that I've ever met is Peter Ustinov. To sit down at his feet and listen to that great man expand and expound...


NP: So Derek Nimmo got a lot of points in that round and he's now in the lead. And Sheila Hancock will you take the next round, it is snoring. Will you tell us something about that in this game starting now.

SH: Well it's an unfortunate habit I imagine, because I don't know whether I snore or not, and I don't think anybody probably does...


NP: Derek Nimmo challenged.

DN: John Thaw does.

SH: How do you know?

DN: Well John Thaw must know whether you snore or not!

SH: No but I meant...

DN: He's your husband, you sleep together, don't you?

SH: Look...

DN: Well he must know whether you snore or not!

KW: I think this is disgusting! It's a family show! I mean we don't want all this kind of thing dragged up!

DN: Well if she's been married all these years and her husband doesn't know whether she snores or not...

SH: Listen, you blithering idiot! I mean you don't know yourself if you snore.

NP: Sheila I quite understood you. Because I'm not a blithering idiot, I completely understood what you meant.

SH: Right.

NP: You do not know yourself unless someone tells you.

SH: Exactly!

KW: Oh that's brilliant! What a marvellous chairman! Oh that's brilliant! Oh that is absolutely brilliant!

NP: So there are 52 seconds... you never know where it's coming from. But thank you Kenneth for that reassurance. Sheila you still have the subject of snoring and 52 seconds starting now.

SH: That is why when I nudge my husband in the rigs... ah...


NP: Derek Nimmo challenged.

KW: Actually it's quite good in the rigs. Because it suggests, it suggests the sailor up in the rigging you know.

SH: That's what I meant Ken, that's what I meant.

KW: Yes it's brilliant!

SH: We were sleeping in the rigs, in the rigging.

KW: Brilliant!

NP: So Derek what is your challenge?

DN: Well ah hesitation.

NP: Hesitation, because after the rigs you hesitated.

DN: That's right, absolutely yes, yes.

NP: So Derek you have 48 seconds to tell us something about snoring starting now.

DN: It's one of the little skipping games I used to play. It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring. I used to bounce up and down...


NP: Sheila Hancock challenged.

SH: Used to twice.

NP: Yes used to.

SH: A little game I used to play.

NP: A little game I used to play.

DN: Yes absolutely well done yes. Jolly good chairman I think, he listens well, doesn't he.

NP: Did you notice, just to show you the point, what innocence he looked there, as if to say how dare you give it against me because I didn't do it. But you did do it Derek. There are 40 seconds for Sheila now on snoring starting now.

SH: What you have to do is to push the person over on their side because it’s only when you are lying on your back that you are apt to snore. Or get them to blow their nose or put a spoon on the...


NP: Kenneth Williams has challenged.

KW: Yes we had two ors.

DN: She's always putting her oar in!

KW: Yes! Putting her oar in! Putting her oar in!

NP: We don't want too many ors on Just A Minute.

KW: No, we can't have all those ors.

SH: I thought you were allowed little words.

DN: You got me for one!

SH: Did I?

DN: Did me for one, they did.

SH: It's all right, I don't want to talk about snoring.

NP: There were so many ors there that Kenneth's challenge is allowed and there are 28 seconds for you Kenneth to tell us something about snoring starting now.

KW: It is a most abominable practice. If it's been done by somebody else. Like all the things in this world, it is the other that you object to, not your own smell. But theirs if you see what I mean...


NP: I'm sorry Sheila got in just before...

SH: Deviation! What is he on about?

NP: Sheila had a correct challenge because it wasn't to do with snoring. Sheila, one second on snoring starting now.

SH: My cat...


NP: Were you going to tell us your cat snores Sheila?

SH: Yes he goes ssssssssss and then he goes (makes snoring noise). He's a love and then he gets little bubbles on his nose.

NP: I think that's, I think they call that, that's what an elderly cat does when it can't purr.

SH: No no no, doesn't he Joanna?

NP: Anyway at the end of the round Derek Nimmo is still in the lead, Kenneth Williams is just behind him, then comes Sheila Hancock and then Tim Rice. And Kenneth your turn to begin, Louis The Fourteenth.

SH: Oh!

NP: Kenneth will you tell us something about him starting now.

KW: In the memoirs of Fansimmon, he said Louis The Fourteenth arranged the most fabulous massive spoken for Madame DeMonponsierre but that...


NP: Tim Rice has challenged.

TR: Hesitation.

NP: No!

TR: Oh yes!

KW: I was saying on that occasion.

TR: He didn't have a clue what he was talking about, he just was dithering.

NP: Well knowing Kenneth's erudition, I think he has got quite a few clues about what he was talking about.

TR: Well he was nervous and he...

NP: No I think he was giving a certain amount of dramatic effect and he was not pausing so he continues for 47 seconds on Louis the Fourteenth starting now.

KW: It was her death they were celebrating and her entrails were encased in an urn upon a credence table, but inadequately...


NP: Tim Rice has challenged again.

TR: It's got nothing to do with Louis The Fourteenth. He's talking about some woman whose entrails were burnt on a table.

KW: It was Louis The Fourteenth that ordered the service...

TR: Well this has not been made clear!

NP: I will put it to the audience, let you be the final arbiters. If you agree with Tim's challenge, then you will cheer for Tim. And if you disagree you will boo for Kenneth Williams and you all do it together now.


NP: Kenneth you've always got that audience with you. You continue with Louis The Fourteenth, 38 seconds starting now.

KW: And on another occasion, Louis The Fourteenth was told by his barber about the Duke of Bondome receiving people while seated on the chaise per se. I don't have to enlighten you as to what that...


NP: Sheila Hancock challenged.

SH: Deviation, he has to enlighten me! I dare you!

KW: It's a commode.

NP: Sheila you interrupted so he gets a point...

KW: Yes you interrupted most rudely!

SH: I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

KW: And unbecoming for a lady!

SH: We shouldn't have women on this show!

KW: No! You see that's right! Out of her own mouth, she said it! Out of her own mouth!

NP: But when you interrupt it's always very good Sheila and we enjoyed your interruption...

SH: Thank you.

NP: Because everybody's contribution is appreciated and it gives eclan to the whole show. And there are 20 seconds left for Kenneth with his eclan to continue on Louis The Fourteenth starting now.

KW: It was Louis The Fourteenth that the remark is attributed, apres moi les deluge, which is French for there'll be a load of rushing water...


NP: Tim Rice has challenged.

TR: Repetition.

NP: Of what?

TR: Well he said something in French and then translated it so obviously he has repeated the same thing.

NP: A very clever challenge Tim...

TR: This is a very international programme.

NP: I'll give you a point for a clever challenge, but you are legitimately, you have to repeat the words and he hasn't repeated any word yet. And he has eight seconds left on Louis The Fourteenth starting now.

KW: Louis The Fourteenth was most hospitable to the exiled royalists from England. And if you think of what those poor children went through...


NP: Well Kenneth Williams enjoyed his historical subjects. He started with it and in spite of many interruptions finished with it. So at the end of that round he has now taken a very positive lead ahead of Derek Nimmo, and Sheila Hancock and Tim Rice follow in that order. And Tim begins the next round, it is the driving test. Will you tell us something about that Tim in Just A Minute starting now.

TR: I took my driving test in October 1962 as a mere broth of a boy, aged 17. And I participated in this stiff examination in the beautiful Sussex town of Chichester near Anmurring by the sea. And the reason why I went all that way is because that said town is the flattest...


NP: Derek Nimmo challenged.

DN: Repetition of town.

NP: Yes you mentioned the word town.

DN: Town of Chichester...

TR: Oh get over!

NP: So Derek's got in with 37 seconds left, the driving test starting now.

DN: Well of course it's a long time ago since I took my driving test. And a fellow had to go in front with a red flag I remember. And I found it very very...


NP: Tim Rice challenged.

TR: Hesitation.

NP: No no no, I don't think so Tim. Not enough for a hesitation. Twenty-nine seconds still with you Derek, the driving test starting now.

DN: Well I got away with my driving test rather like I got away with that challenge. I thought it was absolutely...


DN: What?

NP: Tim challenged again.

TR: Got away with twice.

NP: Yes. So Tim you got the driving test back with you and 26 seconds starting now.

TR: This town I was ... oh!


NP: Derek Nimmo challenged, you got the town back again yes. Twenty-four seconds, the driving test Derek starting now.

DN: I took...


NP: Yes Tim?

TR: Hesitation.

NP: Yes Tim, 23 seconds for you, on the driving test starting now.

TR: It is extremely important when taking one's driving test to make sure that every part of your vehicle be it a car or forklift truck or even double decker bus...


NP: Derek Nimmo challenged.

DN: Repetition of or.

NP: Yes there were too many ors there I'm afraid.

KW: All these ors you kept doing.

NP: Fourteen seconds for the driving test with you Derek starting now.

DN: So I got into the seat...


NP: Tim Rice challenged.

TR: Absolute hesitation.

NP: No I won't give it you this time no. Derek Nimmo still continues with 13 and a half seconds starting now.

DN: The man said will you please do a three point turn, so I counted on my fingers, one, two, and then the next one and I did exactly what I...


NP: Tim Rice challenged.

TR: Two ones, one two and then the next one.

NP: Yes well done Tim. It's just a battle between the two of them really, isn't it.

SH: Can we join in, do you think?

NP: Six seconds are left on the driving test with Tim Rice starting now.

TR: The first time...


NP: Derek Nimmo challenged.

DN: Hesitation.

NP: Yes I agree yes. So he's got you back again, five seconds with the driving test Derek...

DN: I backed into this bollard and there was the most tremendous crash. This policeman came round and said can I see your license. I thought I might...


NP: Well that was a fun round. I think more points were scored in that round than any round of Just A Minute for many years. And Derek Nimmo has now taken the lead ahead of Kenneth Williams and Sheila Hancock and Tim Rice are following a little way behind. And Derek it is the last round, and it's your turn to begin and the subject is locks starting now.

DN: There's a wonderful shop in St James's between Berry Brothers and Rug And Lobbs which is called Lockes. And I go there for my titfers, you know the things that you put on the top of your head. And I always go to that particular establishment for a very good reason. Because when I go to church, I look down into my hat and when I read Locke Brothers...


NP: Sheila Hancock.

SH: There was an awful lot of whens. I mean one was all right, but if we're stuck for ors.

NP: Yes far too many whens.

SH: When when when.

NP: He did actually say go three times, but nobody spotted it.

SH: Did he? Well, when and go.

NP: He had when, no you got the when, 39 seconds Sheila, with you on locks starting now.

SH: I was told a lovely story at Greenham Common last week about the lock on the main gate which the women managed to remove, and they put a new one on. And when the big convoy came out, the men had lost the key to the new lock...


NP: Tim Rice challenged.

TR: I withdraw my challenge completely. It was a rare...

KW: No you were right, two keys, she said key twice.

TR: You're dead right! Take two, I knew there was something there and I was groping for it, yes.

NP: Actually you had withdrawn your challenge before you gave the correct one.

KW: No he hadn't! Don't you take it away from him! He's a guest! Haven't you got any...

NP: But Sheila Hancock's a guest as well!

KW: No! You shouldn't have women on the show! It's a disgrace! This is a man's show! I mean, look at me! I stand for all that is most butch and masculine! People know that!

SH: So do I! So do I!

KW: I beg your pardon, I withdraw.

NP: Right so Tim Rice has withdrawn his challenge, 26 seconds left with Sheila on locks starting now.

SH: I am always losing my keys as well...


NP: Tim Rice.

TR: Repetition of keys.

SH: Yes that was...

NP: No she said key before and you said keys that time. So it's all right Sheila, you're still with it, on locks 24 seconds starting now.

SH: Therefore I have some problems getting in through my locks. But I can manage to pick them with the odd hairpin but a burglar couldn't, if any are listening at the moment. I have occasionally asked a policeman to get me in which they do, you know, with a...


NP: Kenneth Williams challenged.

KW: We had two get ins.

NP: Yes.

SH: Yes I know!

NP: Trying to get in there too often wasn't she. So Kenneth Williams got in with nine seconds to go in the last round and he's got the subject of locks starting now.

KW: As a child my locks were golden and people wanted to run through them barefoot. I allowed this because as a child, I was tolerant by nature and beautiful with it. And everyone said when they passed the pram, oh what a lovely baby...


NP: We were enjoying your locks so much Kenneth, we let you go a little beyond the 60 seconds.

SH: His Mum was about to buzz for deviation!

NP: Let me tell you first of all that Sheila Hancock and Tim Rice came equal in third place, a number of points behind Kenneth Williams. But alas he was one point behind Derek Nimmo so he is our winner this week! We do hope that you have enjoyed Just A Minute. And it only remains for me to say on behalf of our panellists here, our regulars, Kenneth Williams and Derek Nimmo, our two guests Sheila Hancock and Tim Rice, the inventor of the game Ian Messiter, our producer Edward Taylor, and myself Nicholas Parsons, thank you for listening, hope you’ve enjoyed it and that you will want to tune in again when we take to the air and we play Just A Minute! Until then from all of us here good-bye!